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Uncontested Divorce


What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

Uncontested divorce means you and your spouse agree on the terms of the separation.

In the state of Virginia, an uncontested divorce requires you live apart from your spouse for one year. The time apart can be limited to six months if there are no minor children and you have a signed property settlement agreement.

An uncontested divorce is possible when both husband and wife have reached an agreement on all of the issues involved in the divorce without going to trial. 


Both parties must be in agreement on:

1. Division of property and assets, including pensions and retirement accounts, etc.

2. Division of debts

3. Custody and visitation of any children and/or pets

4. Child support

5. Spousal support

We can help you determine whether an uncontested divorce may be possible for you and what details should be included in any such agreement by consulting with you and analyzing your situation thoroughly. We can also help complete your name change as part of the final steps in your divorce.   

Flat Rate Uncontested Divorce

You may qualify for our Flat Rate Uncontested Divorce pricing starting at $900. This pricing is subject to terms and conditions (contact us for information), and does not include the applicable court filing fees.

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