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Spousal Support


Do I Need Spousal Support?

When a couple decides to terminate their marriage, the divorce presents numerous challenges and many of those are financial. Your legal separation and divorce can be particularly challenging when one spouse is dependent on the other. The stress of how to pay the bills on top of the termination of a relationship is a very taxing event.


Alimony laws in Virginia establish that temporary or permanent spousal support and maintenance (alimony) is determined in divorce cases based on a number of factors, including:


-The length of the marriage

-Salary of each spouse

-Earning capacity of each spouse

-Contributions by each spouse to the marriage

-Are there children living in the residence?

We understand support is a crucial matter that requires a skilled and competent attorney on your side. We work with our clients to understand all of the details of your specific situation, and we can even address post divorce issues long after the divorce decree has been final.

Virginia Beach Family Law and divorce attorney Jennifer Oram-Smith has over 30 years experience representing clients in all family law matters, including both sides of spousal support cases. 

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