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Name Change

Legal Name Changes

Legal Name Change

There are several situations that may necessitate a legal name change. In the case of divorce, if a woman wants to change her last name back to her maiden name, it can be done in conjunction with the divorce. 

If there are no children from the marriage, many women opt to change their last name back to their maiden name. Name change is a legal matter, but it’s also a point of closure for many women. 

Women may opt to retain their spouses last name because of their children, but other issues such as insurance and financial reasons may apply. In some cases, you may decide to wait a period of time, and then change your last name. 

A parent may want to change the last name of a child for several reasons, such as divorce, re-marriage or the absence of one of the parents in the child’s life.

Name change of minors when both parents consent requires the application to be signed under oath in front of a notary. If only one parent signs the name change application, a court hearing date is assigned by the clerk and the non-signing parent is notified of the hearing. After hearing the evidence presented by both parties, the court decides what is in the best interest of the child. 

Name changes require an application to be filed with the court and a birth certificate is also required to complete the change. Name change of minors also requires a birth certificate.

No matter what the circumstance, or court requirements, we can take care of your name change to insure the process is completed efficiently and quickly.


Changing a Last Name for Professional Reasons

There may be professional reasons for changing your last name. Perhaps you want a stage name, or would like to simplify, shorten, or change from a difficult to pronounce name to something easier.

Changing names because you dislike your name, or due to religious reasons is common and Ms. Oram-Smith will be happy to help you with your legal name change.

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